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Max and Jenny are now 14-years-old and in the middle of puberty. Their relationships with each other and their environment have changed and therefore so have the areas of conflict regarding good and bad behaviour. The story of the film is told in two versions:

In the negative version, Max's school class is eagerly awaiting the big school party. Jenny has fallen for Max and he convinces her to lie to her mother so that she can stay longer at the party. The teacher introduces a new student, Konstantin to the class. Max volunteers to show him around. At the party, Max plays a dirty trick on Konstantin and beguiles Jenny to drink alcohol. He then puts pressure on her to stay the night at his house. He cunningly uses the fact that his mother is away on a business trip. However, she arrives home earlier than expected. Finally Max ruins his mother's dinner with business associates to celebrate her return to the work force by displaying bad manners at the table. Jenny, who now knows a different side to Max, breaks up with him.

The positive version shows Max and Jenny in the same everyday situations. Here however, they act very differently, they know how to behave and show social competence.


• Max – Friedrich Kühn
• Jenny – Ivie Obazee
• Leo – Timmi Trinks
• Nina – Meri Zavadskaja
• Tim – Maximilian Artajo
• Konstantin – Jensen Leroy
• DJ – Huseyin Ekici
• Marie – Jamie-Lee Blank
• Nadja – Pauline von Garnier
• Teacher – Nathalie Schuh
• Max's Mother – Iris Ruffner
• Jenny's Mother – Sandra Nedeleff
• Mr Sentin – Alexander Kendzia
• Tina – Katharina Philipp
• Mr Rosen – Christian Arndt Sanchez
... among others


• Claudia Boysen, Michael Gautsch

Screenplay Assistance
• Sarah Delorme

• Jakob Ebert

Camera Assistance
• David Winnerstam

Sebastian Lindenberger

Sound Assistance
Julien Hita

Josef Steiner

Melanie Hug

Isabell Schmitt-Egner

Set Design
Peggie Hessel

Set Runner
Annina Hannas
Philine Jahn

Sarah Delorme

Assistant Director
Mona Bendel

Idea, Production und Director
Michael Gautsch

We thank the following Berlin schools for their kind support:

• Hans-Grade-Oberschule
• Hagenbeck-Oberschule
• Fritz-Karsen-Schule
• Gustav-Heinemann-Oberschule

We thank the following for their kind support:

• Britzer Garten, Grün Berlin Park und Garten GmbH

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