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Die kleine Benimmschule 3
"The Little School of Behaviour 3"

The film is divided into eight chapters, which can also be played individually. Each chapter contains a positive and a negative version. Good and bad behaviour can be directly compared with one another during lessons.

1 At Max's House
Negative Version:

Max, a 14-year-old boy, is half-awake one morning chatting online to his school friend Julia who is on an exchange trip in Paris. His mother enters his room and tells him to get himself dressed and to get ready for school. She doesn't want to receive another letter from the school because of Max's escapades.

Max takes a Coca-Cola from the fridge and drinks it for breakfast. When his mother tells him he should have a proper breakfast, he reproaches her for drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Overhearing a phone conversation, Max finds out that his mother won't be at home on Friday night. Before his mother rushes out of the house, she gives Max money so that he can buy something to eat on the way to school. She informs Max that she has invited some colleagues for dinner on Saturday and that she expects him to be well behaved for the occasion.

Positive Version:

Max is in the kitchen and surprises his mother with a lovingly prepared breakfast for the two of them. Max's mother guesses there is a reason behind this and openly raises the question. Max asks her whether his school friend Jenny can stay the night after the school party so that she can stay out later. Max's mother thinks that he is still too young to have sexual relations. Max denies wanted to do anything of that nature and his mum trusts him. Jenny is allowed to stay the night as long as her parents also agree and on the condition that they sleep in separate beds.

2 In the Playground
Negative Version:

Jenny and her best friend Nina are talking when Max hurriedly turns into the playground on his bike. He doesn't look over at the two girls. Jenny is really disappointed that he ignores her, seeing as they have been going out for six weeks. Max can't find a free space for his bike and his solution is to remove another bike from the stand and let it fall on the floor.

Max says hi to his friend Tim and waves at Jenny to come over to him. Nina doesn't like it that her friend allows herself to be ordered about by Max. Jenny implies that Nina is just jealous. Nina denies this but says she likes someone again and wants to tell Nina later on in the park, who the lucky boy is. Max tells Jenny that he has a free house on Friday after school and makes it unmistakeably clear that he expects to finally sleep with her. Jenny has mixed feelings; on the one hand she thinks it's great that she can stay at Max's but on the other hand she knows her mother won't approve.

Positive Version:

Jenny and Nina are talking as Max turns into the school grounds full of life. He waves at the two girls before locking up his bicycle.

Max gives both girls a friendly greeting and gives Jenny a kiss. He's burning to share the good news but would rather talk to Jenny by herself about such personal matters. Jenny explains to him that she doesn't have any secrets from her friend, so he finally lets it out that his mother has agreed to Jenny being allowed to stay the night after the party. Nina asks what Jenny's mother will say to that and Jenny admits she was hoping that Nina would cover for her. Nina categorically refuses. She doesn't want to lie and walks off in a huff. Max thinks that Nina might be jealous but Jenny explains that her friend has just had bad experiences with guys.

3 At School
Negative Version:

The supply teacher, Mrs Kleber introduces the class to the new student, Konstantin. She asks him to explain a bit about himself. He hardly says a word so the teacher adds that his father died recently. Some mean comments are made by the class. When asked, who is responsible for looking after Konstantin, Max raises his hand. Max has already excelled at being the class clown and has signed his own absence letter. This and the blatant lie that he is to be Konstantin's mentor do not bode well for him.

Positive Version:

Konstantin is waiting sheepishly outside the classroom for the teacher. Max recognises him immediately as the new boy and introduces himself as his mentor. In the classroom, Max writes “Welcome Konstantin” on the board.

The teacher introduces Konstantin to the class. As Konstantin takes a seat next to Max, another classmate makes fun of him. Max defends his protégé and hits the troublemaker over the head with his notebook. The teacher lightly reprimands him.

During breaktime Max shows Konstantin the school zoo.

4 Encounters in the Park
Negative Version:

Jenny and Nina are sitting on a park bench whilst Max and his friends, Tim and Leo, are running about. Jenny is afraid that Max will finish with her if she doesn't spend Friday night with him. Nina has totally different worries. She has undying love for Tim but he doesn't even seem to notice her.

The two “It girls” Nadja and Marie walk past and make snide remarks before sauntering over to the boys who are playing football on the grass.

The boys are talking about relationships and sex. Leo claims to have had sex with his girlfriend Nadja after just one week of them being together and then urges Tim to invite Nadja's cool friend Marie to the school party and not Nina, who Tim would actually rather invite. Sure enough, Tim succumbs to the pressure and asks Marie just as Nina and Jenny join them. Nina walks off hurt.

Positive Version:

Jenny and Nina watch the boys playing football. As Nadja and Marie come over they don't let themselves be provoked by their poncy behaviour.

Max is not embarrassed that he and Jenny have not yet had sex. Leo's bragging about his so-called experiences leaves him cold. He has other things in common with his girlfriend. Since he knows that Nina adores Tim, he takes matters into his own hands and introduces them to one another.

5 At Jenny's House
Negative Version:

Jenny skims through a catalogue looking for a dress for the party. Her mum doesn't think that she should wear anything too revealing. Jenny reacts angrily. Their mother-daughter relationship has recently become unsettled. Upon her mother's enquiry, Jenny denies having a boyfriend or that she is even remotely interested in boys. Instead, she asks her mother if she can stay the night at Nina's, so that she can stay longer at the party.

Positive Version:

Jenny asks her mother straight out whether she can stay the night at Max's after the school party. Her mother points out to her daughter that sexual intercourse involves a lot more than just being clear about the consequences of not using protection, but it would also bring about a lot of responsibility for both of them. Jenny then points out that she didn't have to tell her mother anything. Her mother appreciates this but thinks the decision is too important to make by herself and would like to speak to Jenny's father about it first. Unfortunately, he is on a business trip and won't be back until the evening of the party.

6 At the Party
Negative Version:

As Jenny and Nina enter the room, Tim looks over at Nina longingly but she just ignores him. Max and Leo mix a drink with laxatives at the bar, which they then offer to an unaware Konstantin.

Nina flirts with the DJ on the dance floor, whilst Max, Jenny, Leo and Nadja go to a quiet corner. Leo has brought alcohol for everyone. Max pushes Jenny to drink even though she doesn't like the taste of alcohol at all. Due to a thoughtless remark from Leo, Jenny realises that Max must have spoken to him about having sex with her. She runs away disappointed.

In the toilets some of the girls are hiding beer, whilst Jenny explains to Nina what just happened. Nina is shocked and thinks that Jenny should break up with Max.

Max and Leo laugh about Konstantin, who is doubled over in pain. Max wants to go home with Jenny but it's not clear that she wants to go with him. In the end she is persuaded.

Positive Version:

Max waits in vain for Jenny and when another girl asks him to dance, he doesn't want to. Nadja ends it with Leo because of the lies he had spread about her, saying that he'd already got her into bed.

Max comes into the toilet where Leo is already hopelessly drunk but still wants to consume more vodka. Without hesitating, Max steps in, pours the alcohol away and gives his friend water to drink instead, which he doesn't even notice.

Jenny finally arrives, just as Max brings his drunken, bellowing friend outside. She offers to help Max immediately. They call a taxi to take Leo home.

7 After the Party
Negative Version:

Max is determined; he wants to sleep with Jenny tonight. Jenny is not sure but she doesn't have the heart to back away from his advances.

The next morning, Max's mother arrives home earlier than expected. She catches her son with Jenny in bed and is absolutely furious. It quickly becomes evident that Jenny's parents are unaware of her current whereabouts.

Positive Version:

Max has romantically decorated his room. Jenny is amazed and starts to undress Max but it quickly becomes clear that he didn't necessarily intend to have sex. He just wants to be together with her. Jenny feels insecure but Max reassures her. Jenny admits that she should actually be back by 11p.m. so Max takes her home.

8 Dinner at Max's House
Negative Version:

Max's mother has invited business colleagues for dinner. Despite asking Max to behave well, he does everything he can to annoy his mother. He lays the table incorrectly, leaves the guests standing in the hallway and misbehaves at the dinner table. He does everything wrong that he possibly can. When his mother finally orders him to leave the table, he does so only too willingly.

The doorbell rings. Jenny is at the door and wants to pick up her bag. Max is relieved to see her but Jenny is cold and abrasive. She breaks up with him because she's really disappointed in him.

Positive Version:

Like a good host, Max takes the coat of his mother's business colleague and invites him inside. He knows how to behave correctly at the dinner table and it's the adults who make the faux pas.

Whilst they are alone, Max asks his mother whether he can leave the two adults by themselves later on since he wants to meet up with Jenny. Max's mother is amazed because she is aware of how strict Jenny's parents are. Max explains that Jenny's parents let her stay out later now because she arrived home on time after the school party.

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